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Established in 1987, HolVet is one of the oldest holistic veterinary practices in the U.S. Dr Yasson is an elder and a pioneer in the field of alternative, natural, holistic medicine.  Dr. Michele Yasson specializes in veterinary homeopathy, natural/species appropriate and individually customized diet, acupuncture, herbal therapy, and holistic, alternative, natural supplements. 

Her practice emphasis is on severe and chronic disease, especially cancer, with treatment supported by the latest herbal chemotherapy agent, Neoplasene, as well as great, healthy starts for puppies and kittens!  Ninety-five percent of her work has been accomplished over the years very successfully by phone consultation.  Dr. Yasson will provide holistic, alternative, natural veterinary care that treats your beloved pet as a cherished family member, evaluating his or her case with an eye on curing your pet, not just alleviating symptoms.

Dr. Yasson is available for phone consultations nationwide and internationally, as well as office visits in New York City, New York.

Appointment Hours: 

9:00am -5:00pm Monday through Thursday, by appointment only.

Dr. Yasson sees patients in New York City (call the office for details), generally on the first Friday of the month. All appointments are made through our home office.  Contact us for more information.

Call 845-338-3300 to make an appointment.

Please note that all clients must return a signed client Release prior to scheduling the first appointment. We do this so new clients understand exactly what we offer and how we work since we are so different from conventional practices.

At HolVet, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

DVM Michele Yasson
New Paltz Veterinarian | HolVet | 845-338-3300

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Featured Testimonial 

Tigger Jamison 

12 year old, female, Domestic Short Hair Cat 

Pittsburgh, Pa 



Aggressive Vaccine -Related FibroSarcoma Cancer. 

Tigger has had 6 surgeries to remove aggressive tumors from August 2012 through August 2015. The cancer was getting stronger. Each time the interval of regrowth between tumors (and surgeries) has been growing shorter and shorter and the tumors were growing faster and faster, becoming very large at an alarming rate! The surgeon was hesitant to do any more surgeries. The end seemed inevitable. But, Tigger's owner wanted to "beat this cancer once and for all," and found Dr. Yasson in August 2015. 

Tigger was started on Dr Yasson's nutritional protocol and homeopathic treatment plan. It was comprehensive and at the same time very simple and easy. Since then Tigger has produced no new aggressive tumors! A whole year without a surgery! The treatment has been so gentle she never even knew she was being treated. Even her excessive thirst and snoring went  away! And her coat has a shine now. What a treat for Tigger. From death sentence to a happy, healthy year! Amazing! 

"Thank you Dr Yasson. I'm so glad I found you."